Our Automated Forex Program

Over a decade, SpyTech’s close-knit team of programmers and market analysts developed, tested and honed a results driven, multi time frame and multi pairing system that successfully produces consistent profits for our investors.  During this time, we also identified a gap in technology and services that kept everyday traders from participating in Forex trading.  

It’s long been our goal to remove the barriers to Forex trading for all investors.  Until now, to get started in Forex trading there were servers to rent, software to configure, and global currency markets to study.  The learning curve, even on those ‘easy’ programs is steep and few beginning investors see return on their sizeable investments.

As our algorithms became more and more successful, we began to brainstorm about how we could deliver our winning results to a wide number of investors:

  • What if an investor could open an account that is linked to our SpyTech master account held by a highly reputable international brokerage firm, such as FXCM?
  • And what if we could use our exclusive algorithms to send signal to investor accounts automatically?
  • And what if the investor remained in control of his/her account and could decide what amount to invest and when to withdraw profits?
  • And finally, what if the profit distribution was managed by the brokerage so that investors retain control of their accounts and SpyTech’s profit is managed by the brokerage?

Today SpyTech’s Automated Forex program answers all of these questions with a resounding, ‘Yes!’


Calculating Risk

To safeguard your funds, we have put in place stringent risk parameters which we enforce to the letter. We therefore only risk a small percentage of your overall account balance for each trade that we make. In most of our trades, this exposure is usually in the region of 0.5 to 2.5%. As a final safeguard, we make a point of continuously monitoring all our trading accounts so as to ensure that they are always trading within the laid out parameters.

However, it is important to understand that these trading programs are usually geared towards retaining a high return each trading month. With targets of between ten percent (10%) and thirty percent (30%), there is some significant risk involved. It is therefore important to do some research and acquaint yourself with the inherent risks involved in Forex trading before taking the plunge. If you cannot accept these risk levels or don’t fully understand or comprehend the risk involved then it is advisable not to invest in this type of alternative investment.